Monday, December 20, 2010

Individual Challenge I -- "Let's Be Honest... (Horatio's Thoughts on Current Events)"

This whole “Disease spreading throughout Denmark” scandal is turning into a big mess.

I’m starting to wonder if I should have told you about that ghost in the first place… Maybe, just maybe, if I hadn’t said a word, I’d be able to get a good night’s sleep around here without hearing of people being murdered behind curtains and others getting shipped off to England for ‘bad behaviour’.

Believe me, I know some pretty unusual things have been happening, your uncle being your dad and your mother being your aunt and whatnot, but you may have been going a little over the top lately. Yes, I’ll swear to secrecy, but only because I’m your friend. Well, and because that ghost’s loud noises are really starting to get on my nerves.

You and I both know Claudius is guilty, we saw his guilt-stricken eyes as he ran out of the theatre. Well, that, or he just really didn’t like the acting.

I appreciate the fact you can trust me with everything that’s going on, I really do, but how long is this little escapade going to last? You moped around for quite some time, and nowadays you’ve just been losing a battle against hesitation. You speak of retaliation all the time, but have you done anything yet? This whole situation screams “Something’s eventually going to backfire”, but of course that wouldn’t stop you, being a believer in fate and all.

Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about the “What if…?” situations, you’re way too much of a thinker to have forgotten about them. What if you’re stopped from getting your revenge? Say you do get your revenge, what would come after? All these factors weighing against you are sure to turn a man crazy… Well, that explains a lot.

Honestly, Ophelia’s scared half to death from your behavio-- ... Oh, don’t look now, there went the rest of her.

Oh, and check out Laertes, he doesn’t seem too impressed with what’s happened around here. I suppose you did kill his father, but then again, I’d be a little on edge too if someone was sneaking around behind curtains in my mom’s bed chamber. That’s both odd and creepy.

Now, about that Fortinbras fellow, he’s somebody I could see being a big part of our future. Always focused on his motives, seeing them through to the end, that’s pretty admirable... It’s a shame that him and Laertes are around, they’re really starting to make you look like you’re all talk.

You know, maybe you could pull through on this. I mean, eventually they’re going to run out of people who want to oppose you. Not to mention, the people do seem to love you. Anybody who can bribe pirates to do his bidding has my vote, that’s for sure.

Oh, Hamlet… How much did you hear of that?

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