Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Individual Resistance I

Loss of Hope // Desperation

Today will be the same as tomorrow and the days past.

Walking out into the streets, I feel the country itself breaking down. People missing and quite possibly dead, others starving in the streets, unable to save their families from a downward-spiralling future.

We have no food, and yet there we have no money to buy the food. This isn’t the way it should be.

If only things were like they were in the past, when we could actually afford our means of survival. It’s like we’ve got the urge to fly, but our wings have been clipped and our legs shackled to the floor. All the desire in the world won’t save us from our current state.

We’ve lost our spark; our will to go on is nothing more than a faded memory now. We cannot change our future, not while our hands are tied as such. Light at the end of the tunnel? No, not in our story. It went out long ago.

We are desperate for change, and yet, we have no means to promote hope for ourselves. The downward spiral continues.

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  1. Thoughtful look at the impetus for change (hunger, poverty), but reactionary thinking is specific to fascism, while communism aims to eliminate the past.