Sunday, May 1, 2011

Impressions on the 2011 Canadian Federal Election

In my honest opinion, I believe that this year's federal election will be more productive in terms of shifting the placings of the non-winning parties. When it comes to the winning party, I regretfully believe that the Conservatives will come out on top, mainly because individuals have a hard time changing their opinions, especially when they're already stuck in with the same opinion as the majority of the society around them. However, they likely will stay as a minority government (most likely due to the fact that Alberta doesn't have enough people to sway the election further than they already do). Looking back into the past, Conservatives have had a significant lead in popularity in Canada for many years, and I don't think enough has happened to change the opinions of the majority of citizens in our country.

In regards to the opposition party, I have a feeling that title will be granted to Jack Layton and the NDP. Considering the amount of ground he has been gaining lately with voters in Quebec and many other areas throughout Canada, and even becoming more popular than Michael Ignatieff as of late, I believe such a rapid change in loyalties will be reflected in the polls tomorrow. With Ignatieff's natural disadvantage by being the leader of the Liberals (due to the implementation of the National Energy Program by Ex-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau), I find it hard to believe that his party will be able to remain in the seat of the opposition party.

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