Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Part 4 - Individual Learning IV

I believe that in most ways, the needs of Canadian citizens would be benefitted most by the governmental style of a Proportional Representation Democracy. Still being a Democracy, like Canada’s current Parliamentary Government, the voices of the citizens will be included in determining the needs of the overall country. However, the major change in which I would expect a benefit would be the way that representatives are distributed. Currently in Canada, the amount of seats held by the Conservative party incorrectly represents how many votes they have received in recent elections. If Canada were to provide their seats to the parties based on their percentage of votes, then smaller parties would be given more of a fighting chance to allow their ideals to be heard alongside the older, more experienced parties. With this, the potential for coalitions and mixed ideals would become more likely, and it would be more reasonable to expect the parties to at least try and work together to try and reach greater benefit for Canadian citizens.

Plus, then maybe they’d get along and spend less money on attack ads and more on getting things done.

… Nah.

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  1. Nice touch of cynicism at the end. Are you suggesting proportional representation because of your belief that the Conservative party is over represented in parliament, or because you want all parties to be fairly represented?