Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Individual Resistance 5 (Brandon & Nick)

                Regarding the rejection of Liberalism, the establishment of a Totalitarian regime is not completely necessary, but history has proven that it is the course of action that most, if not all countries and human beings have chosen to take. Considering Germany’s rejection of Liberalism in the time of Adolf Hitler, Germany became more inclined to change to a form of Fascism, which included a totalitarian leader. In Russia’s time of reform to react against the Czarist system and uncontrolled free-market economy, the Bolsheviks (communist group) and their leader, Vladimir Lenin, wanted to destroy the current system and replace it with one containing more totalitarian control.
                In a more contemporary example, even more theocratic nations such as Iran have ignored the system of Liberalism for one more focused on religious motive. Rather than including traits of Liberalism, Iran has continued to rely on their Supreme Leader, currently Ali Khamenei. With the title of ‘Supreme Leader’, Khamenei has established totalitarian traits by having more power than even the President of Iran, which is used for things such as appointing people of high positions in the military, government, and judicial court.
Throughout history, when citizens have been deprived of their basic primitive materials to support life, they have looked for someone who would be able to guide them to a more beneficial way of life. With a Totalitarian leader such as Hitler, Lenin or Supreme Leader Khamenei, the people naturally respond with hope and promise.

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