Monday, March 21, 2011

Digital Portfolio - Part 1: ELA

I believe that Humanities 30 has been more of a personal battle than anything else when it comes to criteria of assignments and the actual final products that I brought forth. This year, more than any other, has tested me to show more confidence and resolve in the material I discuss, as well as the beliefs and opinions I have obtained regarding certain materials and situations. Through being able to support my own thoughts, I believe my voice in my writing has become even stronger than it was before. As in the Expository Writing assignment "Part 3 - Critical Response", I believe my narrative voice seems much more firm than it ever was before.

Throughout English, I have always had difficulties branching my thoughts to offer a voice in a unique perspective, such as in the Creative Response "Individual Challenge1". Though, despite venturing out of my comfort zone to write something of that variety, I also count it as one of my biggest successes in Humanities. That assignment tested me to think from a more abstract viewpoint, and I really enjoyed taking on the challenge of something new. After re-reading the final project, I now feel more willing to try unique styles of assignments, when such an opportunity arrives.

After Grade 12, I plan to attend the University of Alberta for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. With this, I am not sure where exactly it will take me, but I want to be able to place myself in a career where I feel I can try and make a difference in the thinking of individuals for the better, to try and help shed more insight on pressing matters that envelop our world. I feel that the personal growth in my own beliefs and my own thoughts has contributed to making me feel ready to handle what may be thrown my way in the upcoming years of University, in both an educaitonal and social/personal aspect.

Expository Writing:

Hamlet's Delay
Part 3 - Critical Response

Personal Response:

On the Rainy River -- Personal Response
Personal Response to Texts -- Regaining Honour and Certainty

Creative Response:

Response to "The Swimmer's Moment"
Individual Challenge 1 -- "Let's Be Honest... (Horatio's Thoughts on Current Events)"

Independent Reading:

Fahrenheit 451

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