Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Part 4 - Individual Learning II

I believe that there is some form of an obligation and responsibility that Canada must uphold in regards to Afghanistan's newly embraced democratic system. Though the Afghan people were the ones to take initiative and agree to the change to democracy, they would have never even considered taking initiative to change their systematic lifestyle if it were not for Canada's consistent ushering.

However, for the assistance in upholding the new democratic views that may be needed in the future, I do believe Canada should more or less supervise from behind the scenes for the time being. If Canada continues to guide Afghanistan and tell them exactly what they should be doing, exactly how and when they should be doing it, they won't be able to try and find some form of balance that will be comfortable for their country and their people, they will simply be following in our precise footsteps. Considering the disputes that Aboriginals have had with their cultural restrictions in Canada in the past, such as the established Residential Schools, the attempt to try and forcefully convert one group of people to blend in with another is something that is both disrespectful and bound to lead to severe repercussions.

If the time comes where political unrest and violence begins to unfold in the country of Afghanistan, then yes, I believe we should be stepping in to try and help prevent injury and casualties. Although, so long as the Afghan people are trying to build a foundation for themselves that will result in a more prosperous future for all of their citizens, then we really don't have the right to try and change things to be more like us.

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